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Safety programs save money and look good to insurers

By | 2019-01-23

South Africa is home to arguably the farthest-reaching and highest-quality road transport network on the African continent. Road networks are our backbone; virtually everything we consume is transported by road haulage services. Road haulage is a service-driven industry that responds to fluctuating customer demand. It faces a number of inescapable challenges that impact the bottom… Read More »

Overlook trailer fitness at your peril

By | 2016-11-27

Insurance is not something people get excited about – until things go wrong. This is according to Nicola Iozzo, CEO of Montblanc Financial Services, who was addressing attendees at the 6th annual Safety and Trailer Wellness Indaba over the weekend in Denver, Johannesburg. Iozzo said trailer fitness was frequently being overlooked, which had significant financial… Read More »

Regent Insurance names 2016 Highway Heroes

By | 2016-11-19

Highway Heroes sheds light on little-known industry Lawrence Matavire from Hellman Worldwide Logistics is the 2016 Regent Insurance Highway Hero, effectively becoming one of South Africa’s best truck drivers. He was named the 2016 champion during a glitzy awards evening hosted by the insurance company at the Scarlett Ribbon in Greenstone, Johannesburg, earlier this week. Matavire… Read More »