BP Fleetmove launched in SA by Masana

By | 2019-02-22

Masana, the 58% black-owned strategic partner of BP Southern Africa, is now marketing an innovative fleet management solution with a comprehensive range of value-added offerings, known as BP FleetMove.

Launched at a well-attended event at the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, south of Johannesburg, the product seemed to be well accepted by the many fleet operators in attendance.

“BP FleetMove, which has been locally developed and tested extensively, offers a complete cashless solution to reduce every aspect of fuel fraud,” says Dhevan Moodley, Masana Petroleum Solutions Head of Sales and Marketing.

“It provides real-time control of refuelling and vehicle management to fleet managers via web portals and mobile applications. BP FleetMove is designed to take control of a vehicle fleet in an easy and convenient way.”

Transport operators using this system have the choice of three options, based on the size of the fleet and the type of operation. The first option is the BP FleetMove card, an innovative smart card, for smaller operators.

Next up is BP FleetMove Plus for medium-sized fleets and then there is BP FleetMove Premium for large fleets and those operators that need the added features of this top offering.

BP FleetMove Plus is a paperless and card-free system which offers a large number of features to benefit fleet managers: secure vehicle and drive identification, online pre-authorisation, as well as e-mail notifications and SMS alerts for any behaviours of patterns that transgress refuelling rules.

The fleet manager has access to a fleet management portal which provides immediate control over all refuelling rules using a comprehensive network which includes BP sites as well as Masana partner sites, with customer needs driving the makeup of the refuelling network.

BP FleetMove Premium comes on top of the features provided with BP FleetMove Plus. These additional features are vehicle tracking, a telematics web portal which includes fuel level, fuel in the tank security, anti-syphoning control and detection as well as Geo-fencing control.

Full historical telemetry data access and web portal management of additional plug-ins such as collision detection is optional.

The major benefit of BP FleetMove Premium is Fuel-in-Tank (FIT) security with each vehicle in the fleet being fitted with a fuel level sensing device, which allows the fleet manager to compare all vehicle fuel levels to pump transactions in real-time.

An SMS or email alert is sent immediately any previously-approved threshold variance is breached.

When signing up to BP FleetMove Premium each vehicle in the fleet is also fitted with a telematics tracking device which provides vehicle tracking via a web-based portal.

Real-time data means driver behaviour can always be monitored and fleet managers will receive reports which highlight any problem areas or trends.

The system replaces virtually all manually-captured data and assists with route compliance as well as providing actual readings for fuel used per trip.

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